A group of friends work together on a children's show.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Hugh Davidson , Larry Dorf

Director: Hugh Davidson , Larry Dorf , Rachel Ramras

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5.2

Season 1 - Nobodies
"After years toiling away writing on a kids cartoon, \u201cThe Fartlemans\u201d, Groundlings Alums Larry, Rachel and Hugh finally get their big break: A chance to pitch their film script \u201cMr. First Lady\u201d at Paramount."
"After lying about Melissa McCarthy's involvement with \"Mr. First Lady,\" Larry, Rachel and Hugh's careers are threatened. In trying to patch things up with Melissa, they dig themselves deeper with her husband."
"As Larry tries to get a secret side project going with Ben, Hugh and Rachel have a secret of their own. Group distrust leads to group therapy."
"With Ben and Melissa now on board with \"Mr. First Lady,'' Larry, Rachel and Hugh have a meeting with Melissa's producing partner, Howard Lang."
"Larry, Rachel and Hugh are going to the Annies, while all their Groundlings friends are going to the Emmys."
"Unsure of Melissa's commitment to \"Mr. First Lady,'' Larry, Rachel and Hugh are thrilled when Kristen Bell enters the picture."
"With Ben and Melissa furious at them, Larry, Rachel and Hugh try to make amends by surprising them with a personal gift; Hugh reconnects with an old friend: Sam."
"Hugh's romance with Sam heats up, which annoys Rachel but intrigues Larry, when he discovers that Sam is a successful film producer."
"Larry, Rachel and Hugh turn to another writing team for help: fellow Groundlings alums Jim Rash and Nat Faxon."
"Larry Rachel and Hugh perform improv at the Groundlings Theatre, but not everyone in the audience feels like laughing."
"Larry, Rachel and Hugh's excitement to finally meet the acclaimed comedy film director Paul Skidmore turns into horror when he brings along his muse: Melissa McCarthy."
"Larry, Rachel and Hugh might finally get their chance to celebrate when \"Mr. First Lady'' receives the green light."
Season 2 - Nobodies
"Larry, Rachel and Hugh attempt to bounce back after the disappointment of Mr. First Lady. Rachel meets Michael and Ethan\u2019s new neighbor. A joke about a sitcom based upon Larry\u2019s life becomes more than a joke when Ben and Melissa get involved."
"Rachel and Hugh write the script for Open Dorf Policy; Melissa will direct the pilot. An upset Sam leaves for Toronto, while Larry adjusts to living with his in-laws."
"Larry goes behind Rachel and Hugh's back to rewrite the pilot; Rachel goes on a first date with Mark-Paul; Hugh and Pat see Jen on a date of her own."
"Melissa wants the script finished in time for a table read the following day, so Larry, Rachel, Hugh, and newly appointed showrunner Dave attempt to finish the draft while taking care of a sick Lois."
"Rachel and Hugh enlist the help of Blaine Kaine to break some unfortunate news to Larry; Mark-Paul, Sam, Rachel and Hugh have a tennis double date; Larry is forced to move in with Pat after Jen kicks him out."
"Rachel and Larry attempt to convince Kristen Wiig to play Jen in the pilot for \"Open Dorf Policy.\" Hugh gets put in an uncomfortable position when an accident lands Sam in the hospital."
"As rehearsals for the pilot begin, Melissa has her own ideas on how to make the show better. Jen is upset to learn Rachael Harris is playing her. Larry devises a plan to get Rachael fired."
"Tape night for the newly revamped Open Dorf Policy. Larry's scheme to get out of giving cast and crew gifts backfires. A run-in at the beach with Lois and Rachel leads Sam to believe Hugh still has feelings for Rachel."
"CBS wants to make major changes to Open Dorf Policy. Mark-Paul asks Rachel to take a big step in their relationship. Melissa enlists the help of a famous friend to sing the pilot's theme song."
"Mark-Paul and Rachel attend the Independent Spirit Awards together. An unassuming Hugh joins Larry in Austin, Texas, to teach unauthorized Groundlings-style seminars to a group of Texas businesspeople."