Kim's Convenience

The misadventures of a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Simu Liu , Nicole Power

Country: Canada

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Kim's Convenience
"Mr. Kim offers a gay discount at the store, while Mrs. Kim tries to find Janet a cool, Christian, Korean boyfriend."
"Mr. Kim gets competitive with Janet over who is the better photographer. When Jung applies for a promotion it has a surprising effect on Mrs. Kim and Kimchee."
"Jung draws the wrong kind of attention from his boss when he gives Kimchee a Korean wedgie at work. Mr. Kim commissions Janet's friend Gerald to take his photo instead of asking Janet."
"Mr. Kim is frustrated with Frank, a repairman who talks too much, while Janet's cousin Nayoung visits from Korea, challenging Janet's sense of what it means to be 'Korean.' Jung and Shannon get tickets to a basketball game, but Jung starts to wonder if Shannon thinks it's a date"
"Mr. Chin asks Mr. Kim to be his wingman on a date, which is fine until Mrs. Kim tags along. Janet asks Jung to help her fix a dripping pipe at the store, but the repair is interrupted by an intruder."
"Mr. Kim disciplines Janet's professor's kid, with unexpected results for Janet. Jung discovers that Kimchee has found a questionable way to make extra money."
"Janet is taking a Hapkido class, but Mr. Kim questions her teacher's techniques. Jung runs into an old flame and Mrs. Kim tries to get them back together."
"Mr. Kim offers the new female pastor some free items, which tests his and Mrs. Kim's relationship. Jung tries to be okay when Janet dates his friend."
"Mr. Kim tries to prove to Janet that best before dates are meaningless. Mrs. Kim tries not to be embarrassed by her children at the church bazaar."
"Janet is sick of working for free and looks for a new job."
"Mr. Kim fixes a broken toilet for Kimchee, Jung hides out with Shannon and when Edwin drops by, Janet believes there's more to his relationship with Mrs. Kim."
"Mr. Kim finds a lump on his back and Shannon brings Jung to a work event."
"Before Janet can reveal her big news, she must survive the family singing festival at church. Mr. Kim gets attention for his new SUV."
Season 2 - Kim's Convenience
"When Janet's plan to move out hits a snag, Appa and Umma encourage her to stay home. Kimchee tries to convince Jung that now is the time to make a move on Shannon."
"A business award comes between Appa and Umma. Jung convinces Shannon to start biking to work. Janet and Gerald have their first fight as roommates."
"After a night with Janet and her college friends, Jung is worried he might not be that bright. Appa and Umma have an awkward encounter with Pastor Nina."
"Umma finds an opportunity to get Jung back into the store. Janet's cousin Nayoung returns, inadvertently bringing one of Janet's former crushes to light."
"Janet pressures Appa to make date night with Umma more special. Jung turns to Craigslist - and Shannon - to replace Kimchee's expensive sneakers."
"Appa's money-saving scheme from years ago comes back to haunt him and Umma. Gerald is uncomfortable with Janet's noisy bedroom habits. Jung goes into damage control after being upstaged by Kimchee at work."
"When Appa discovers Umma's secret side-business, he wants in. Janet accidentally-on-purpose assumes a new identity. Jung and Kimchee go through the emotional highs and lows of acquiring a new freezer."
"Umma covets an expensive coat at the church auction. Jung accuses Shannon of being unprofessional at work. Janet's big payday at the store is foiled by red tape."
"Appa and Umma are even more generous than they imagined when they donate to a new Canadian family. Janet gets noticed by a guest photography lecturer, and Kimchee worries Jung will steal his new girlfriend."
"Janet tries to keep her new relationship secret from Appa and Umma. Jung and Kimchee have different ideas of what their house party should be."
"Appa and Umma meet their new neighbour Daniel, who runs a gym. Jung starts a new romance at work. Gerald's new girlfriend is a little too sweet for Janet's liking."
"Appa inherits Janet's old smartphone. Umma finds a pest in the store. Kimchee tries to help Janet cure her case of the FOMOs while Jung tries to reconnect with a girl he met at a bar."
"When Jung gets his GED, Umma wants the whole family to celebrate, including Appa. Janet gets tired of always being the 'good one.' Jung struggles to tell Shannon about a new opportunity."
Season 3 - Kim's Convenience
"When Umma wants a new dishwasher, Appa's determined to get the best deal. Janet adopts a new name as Jung tries to get his job back at Handy."
"Appa tries to convince Umma that he's still attractive. Jung returns to Handy. Gerald's girlfriend makes herself at home."
"Appa and Umma unwittingly end up in marriage counseling. Jung learns more about Shannon's boyfriend than he bargained for. Janet debates whether or not to share a potential mentor with Gerald."
"Appa tests neighbourly boundaries when he tries to get cheap wifi. Umma forces Janet to do a questionable reading at Church and Jung hits it off with Shannon's friend, Katie."
"Appa unintentionally becomes the star of Gerald's award-winning photo essay. Umma realizes her family doesn't trust her in emergency situations. Janet makes a social faux pas at an exclusive restaurant."
"Appa and Jung try out the old family ping pong table; Umma's feelings get hurt when Janet refuses to hang out with her; a gift basket causes problems."
"Appa and Umma find new ways to spice up their love life, while Janet learns more about her parents than she bargained for. Kimchee tries to prepare for his first corporate presentation while Jung can't help helping."
"Kimchee's mom is visiting from out of town. Jung looks forward to seeing her, but the feeling might not be mutual. After Appa makes a spelling mistake, Umma takes over sign duty at the store. Janet intervenes when Gerald asks Appa for a reference letter."
"Appa and Umma accidentally invite friends on their vacation. Janet accepts a job taking engagement photos for her ex. The Handy gang are all enjoying teasing each other until Jung takes things too far."
"Appa's caught in the middle when Janet and Umma fight. Jung and Shannon offer conflicting advice when Kimchee develops a crush on Handy's courier, Gwen."
"Appa gets into trouble when he\u2019s too honest with Umma. Janet takes Gerald to the hospital and meets an old friend. Jung wants to audition for his favorite reality show but double books audition partners."
"Umma and Appa accidentally damage a close friend's car. Janet discovers that Gerald isn't as loyal a friend as she thought. Jung worries that his birthday message to Shannon might be too personal."
"Umma loses something valuable and doesn't want Appa to know. Jung threatens to ruin Janet's prospects with a cute yoga instructor. Shannon and Kimchee win a BBQ, and can\u2019t decide who gets to keep it."
Season 4 - Kim's Convenience
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21 Jan 2020
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Season 5 - Kim's Convenience
19 Jan 2021
"Umma receives a diagnosis of having multiple sclerosis, it caught in its early stages meaning that the disease will not progress drastically in the immediate future if she manages it well. ..."
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16 Feb 2021
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